Email Marketing

Since email predates the web, it is one of the earliest digital marketing tools. It remains popular today because it’s available to businesses of all sizes. Plus it’s easy to get started by building a list using inbound marketing and then communicating with your subscribers using autoresponders, welcome emails, and e-newsletters. So, our investigation of the state of email marketing in 2017 starts with a top-level comparison of email marketing versus other digital marketing techniques.

Key Benefits of Email Marketing

We can see that many marketers rate email marketing highly. Which benefits are they trying to achieve as they seek to improve their email marketing? Yes it's evergreen
When asked about the number-one benefit, we expected “more sales” to rate high, yet in fact, it was second with generating more leads the highest-rated benefit, And identifying better-quality leads was also highly rated by many. This demonstrates that companies want to use marketing automation ( with nurture sequences, content, offers, newsletters, and other types of campaigns) to engage contacts and develop qualified leads at the top and mid-funnel as well as deeper in the funnel, to convert so sales through automated emails such as abandoned cart campaigns of following up when someone views a product on a website

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